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By Megan Prikhodko

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Leap is a collection of poems and prose fifteen years in the making and is divided into six chapters that take the reader through childhood, self-awareness, pain, love, success, and adult life. Nostalgic and raw, it explores the risks, big and small, we take on ourselves.

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About Me

Writing and editing are my two first loves and, like so many romances, have stepped in and out of my life.  Recently both have returned and I am happily working on several projects.  I am actively working on a poetry book with the hopes of publishing in 2019.  I am also editing multiple books and am available for additional projects.

I graduated from the University of Maryland with a double major in English Language and Literature and Philosophy with a concentration in Creative Writing.  I hold an MBA from Johns Hopkins University.

My mission is to share my writing, processes, and ideas and to help others create and share more.

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About Me


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